Total Metal PR Agency is a music promotion and media relations company, which offers services for Metal and Hard Rock bands, artists and labels to show their music to the big amount of potential supporters worldwide.
Our services include: promotion, distribution, CD, MC, vinyl and merchandise manufacturing, design/multimedia, site development and more.

All provided services:

Digital + Physical Promotion (PR) – your promo + press release will hit almost all major and minor print magazines, online zines and indie radios in the world.

Press Release -we’ll make a Customized info sheet (PDF and printed) for your band or label promotion.

Press Kit – we’ll make a Customized press kit (PDF and printed) with biography, press release, band photo, logo, contact… etc.

Press Request – we’ll send an invitation to the media to interview the band.

Reports – every time we get a review, you’ll receive a PDF document containing the link and the text of the review, or scan of the page of the magazine.

Artworks (*for extra price) – we have professional designers able to make artworks for your CD, ad or poster.

Catalogue -release will be featured in our shop and distro catalog.

Digital and Physical Distribution – we’ve got a huge digital and physical distribution network in the world. Digital stores like: 24-7 Ent., 7digital, Amazon, eMusic, ITunes,, Microsoft Audio, MTV Networks, Nokia Music, Orange, Samsung, Sony Reader Store, Spotify, T-Mobile, Virgin Mega, Vodafone, Yahoo, YouTube, Google Play Music and others (a total of more than 600 digital stores in over 200 countries around the world). Physical distributors you can see by this link:

Booking (*for extra price) – we’ve got sub-company Total Metal Concerts & Booking willing to make your tour-dreams come true. We have dozens of friendly booking agencies that help us book shows and tours in Europe.

Label Deal -your promo + press kit will hit almost all major and underground labels in the world. We can’t guarantee you a label deal, but we sure can try to get you one! Total Metal PR Agency will reach labels which fit to your sound and goals and speak on your behalf in order to get you a deal.

CD Pressing – we make good quality professional CDs (promos; demos; albums) and polygraphy for your band or label.

Page – we’ll make a profile page at our domain for your band or label. This page will feature: band presentation (photo, logo, bio, line-up, contacts and links), release information (track list, label, running time, distribution, etc), album stream (entire album or just previews), YouTube video and “Buy Now” option.

Ad – 1x Free Ad design for magazines + 1 x Free Web Banner design.

Video Teaser – 1x Video Teaser 20-60 seconds.

Lyric Video (*for extra price) – we have a team of professionals that will make amazing lyric videos for your track(s).

QUP – possible quantity of your releases at the same time.

Free Online Support – if you need our opinion for something related to release or your band.

We have more than 3.000 digital and physical media recipients to stream and download your promo or to listen your physical CD.

Why You must pay Your attention to Total Metal PR Agency?

We are inside Metal scene since 1993 and we have thousands of contacts with labels, magazines, promoters… etc.
When You put Your music to the networks, You’ll get some attention, but not from all those who could be really interested in You. Labels, magazines, radios, etc – they not browsing internet pages to find so interesting band as Yours.
Total Metal PR Agency will makes Your album heard by right people worldwide that should increase an interest towards Your music.
If You need real promotion – contact us!