Mr. Styx and Powersquad had creating Bloody Terror in late 2010. The very first record was the cover of Kalmah’s song named “Dance Of The Water”.
After this Bloody Terror started compose the material for debut album. At the same time Dr.Trajan has joined the band as a bass player. During the 18 months the first album was in process.
Debut full-length album “Shadow Of Death” out 15/09/2012 via Invincible Records (World), Medival Records (Europe) and Kassiel Distribution/Chivo Negro Records (Latin America).
In early 2013 Dr.Trajan was replaced by Brutal Baphomet on bass/back vocals. With a new line-up guys started to compose the very new material for the sophomore album that was finished in august 2014.
Fall of 2014 Bloody Terror signed a contract with Metal Scrap Records. Band’s second full-length album, “Diaboli Celeritate”, was released at November 14, 2014.

Mr. Styx – vocals, keyboards;
Powersquad – guitars, drums;
Brutal Baphomet – bass, vocals.

“Diaboli Celeritate” Digital LP; 2014; Metal Scrap Records;
“Devils Speed” Digital Single, 2014; self-released;
“Shadow Of Death” CD; 2012; Invincible Records/Chivo Negro Productions/Medival Records;
“Ashes Of A Future” Digital Single; 2012; self-released;
“Winter Coming” Digital Single; 2012; self-released;
“Bloody Terror” Demo; 2010; self-released.