CRYPTIC band was formed 2000 in Mszana Dolna in southern Poland
First band’s line-up was: Piotr Nawiesniak (lead guitar), Grzegorz Popiolek (bass), Mariusz Pachura (guitar), Grzegorz Boduch (voc) and Pawel Dudzik (drums). During group’s evolution it changed many times, what was preventing us from composing new stuff and playing gigs. Mariusz as first left the band and was quickly replaced by Marcin Strug. Then Andrew Hejmej replaced Grzegorz Popiolek and CRYPTIC. Soon Grzegorz Boduch also left and band had no vocalist for a pretty long time. Finally Andrew took this function and in this line-up band recorded Demo 2004 which contains: Nightmare, Euphory, Voodoo Time and Instrumental in Diamond Studio near Cracov. This record obtained many positive marks in underground medias and after that we played dozens of gigs. In the beginning of 2007 we had another changes. Kacper replaced Marcin as guitarist and Tomek became main vocalist.

In this line-up, in Studio78, band has recorded first longplay called INFINITE TORMENT. It contains 9 songs kept in our death/thrash metal convention and if compare it do demo stuff – much heavier, faster and more massive.
In 2010 METAL SCRAP RECORDS became official label of the band.

“Demo 2004” CD, 2004 self-released
“Infinite Torment” CD & Digital, 2010 Total Metal Records