The history of Ukrainian band HELLION began in the spring 2005. The founders of the band were guitarist Alexey Pasko and drummer Oleg Talanov. After a few rehearsals they were joined by bassist Alexander Sitalo and soon after by guitarist Anton Pavlenko. Place of a vocalist was tested by several candidates & remained vacant for a long time, as a result Alexander Baev took place of vocalist. In this line-up, still unnamed band started rehearsals. In the course of creation the songs turned out that the musical material is a fusion of thrash, death and progressive metal, which corresponded to the different aspirations of musicians. After long name discussions guys stopped at HELLION. Chosen the name and prepared material – first demo, solemnly titled “Hellion”, the band was ready to begin live concert performances at spring 2005.
An international festival Metal Heads’ Mission 2005 became the first concert stage, where the musicians were passing a very serious competitive selection and played in the company of such giants as NAPALM DEATH, PARRICIDE and others. After that there were single concerts throughout the country.
Autumn-winter 2005-06 – the period of the first outside concerts: Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Kherson, etc. Throughout 2006 an active touring activities continued and studio work on the first album begins.
In October, the band signed a contract with Moon Records (UA) to release the debut album “Strong Enough”. Also in October, in support of the album’s release were held the first All-Ukrainian tour in company with PSILOCYBE LARVAE (RU) and INFARCT FOCUS (UA).

In general, in 2006 – early 2007 “Hells” are already played dozens of concerts throughout Ukraine (including such giants of Russian heavy metal scene as the BLACK OBELISK, SERGEY MAVRIN, MASTER).
In early 2007, captured the first video for the song “Hear the Voice”, directed by famous Ukrainian music video director Victor Priduvalov, best known for his work with THMK, Druga Rika, Tol, Alisa, Armada as well as many pop performers. It is noteworthy that HELLION became the first underground metal band which clip is removed by the director of such level.
In late May 2007, in Lugansk studio “Hot Jam” was shot the second video. In July the second-Ukrainian tour together with INEXIST (RU) and Tears (RU).
In October 2007, “Hells” played on the Extreme Metal Festival, where shared the stage with KREATOR, AMORPHIS, ANATHEMA, CEMETORY OF SCREAM. Somewhere after that, the musicians decided to change the name to HELL: ON, to avoid confusion, note that the bands with that name already exist in the world at the moment. Also in October, was captured third video for the song “Creatures Of My Mind”, directed by cult Ukrainian music video director Sergey “Joker” Gogolev. Based on the voting of the main metal-portal of the country, HELL: ON recognized as the best metal band of 2007.
The winter of 2007-2008 – the period of starting work on new material. Of live performances are worth noting departure for international metal-fest “Black Winter Days” in St. Petersburg (Russia). The rest of the year the band dedicated for work on the second full-length album.
The album “Re: Born” released by Comp Music / EMI, exactly two weeks before the end of 2008, which did not prevent it from took 2nd place in the ranking of the best metal album of the year, according to the same
In May 2008, starts the third tour of the band in company with HATECRAFT (RU), in which the band goes with a “freshly baked” ER “Beyond the Fake”.
Summer 2008 – participation at the International Festival “ProRock 2008”, together with RAGE, RASTA, DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS .. etc.
In the spring of 2009, the band goes to the next tour called “Hell Damage Tour 2008”. This time in company with Moscow FRAGILE ART, with which from that moment begins a long and full collaboration. Also in the spring 2009 released the first band DVD which incl. a number of official videos and several live recordings. DVD “Hell Damage, vol.1” was released in limited edition by the efforts of WIMP Promotion (the management of both bands at that time), as a split (together with the Russians FRAGILE ART).
Summer 2009 – the most significant event was the presentation at the International Festival “ProRock 2009”, jointly with ARCH ENEMY, SODOM, VADER, LAKE OF TEARS, DEADLOCK, HEAVEN SHALL BURN, etc.
Fall 2009 – the second part of “Hell Damage Tour”. The tour is remarkable by two moments. First: at last the band goes to Europe, namely in Poland, where played six concerts in the company of friends from FRAGILE ART. Second, the guitarist Anton Pavlenko left the band. Part of the tour he was replayed by Roman Barbunom guitarist of FRAGILE ART. At the end of the tour he was replaced by Anton Vorozhtsov, who became a full member of the band.
Together with a new guitarist the band began recording new material. In the spring of 2010 the network appeared EP “In the Shadow of Emptiness”, which marked a new milestone in the life of the band. Since the release of Internet MCD, “Hells” managed to attend concerts in Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, parallel leading the work on a third album.
Meanwhile the growing popularity of the band began to attract interest from many labels. In the summer of 2011 debut album “Strong Enough” was re-released on Nocturnus Records (UA), with a new design (the design by Nurgeslag: TANGORODREAM, MOURNFUL GUST, FLYING .. etc.) and completed EP “Beyond the Fake”, which was previously came out only as an internet release.
In autumn 2011 the band signed a contract with Metal Scrap Records (UA), and in October the same year was re-released the second album of the band by the efforts of Total Metal Records (division of Metal Scrap Records) and Metalism Records (RU). This edition was supplemented by bonus tracks & video. CD comes in a completely new design (the design of Ptys: HELLOWEEN, QUO VADIS .. etc.
The entire 2012 band intensively toured. HELL: ON spent several European tours in Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, took part in several international festivals, including Metal Fest along with: Megadeth, Fear Factory, Kreator, WASP and others.
At the same time, the band continued to work on their third full-length album. Work on the material was completed by early summer. Guest of the album record session was Jeff Waters (ANNIHILATOR).
The third album “Age Of Oblivion” was released in July 2012 by the Ukrainian Total Metal Records (World Edition) and the Russian MSR Productions (for Russian territory only).

Alexander Baev – vocal
Anton Vorozhtsov – guitar
Alexey Pasko – guitar
Alexander Sitalo – bass
Oleg Talanov – drums

“Strong Enough” CD 2006, Moon Records
“Re:Born” CD 2008, Comp Music/EMI
“Beyond the Fake” Digital EP, 2008
“Hell Damage, vol.1” DVD, 2009, WIMP Promotion
“In the Shadow of Emptiness” Digital EP, 2010
“Strong Enough” (world re-edition with bonus-tracks) CD 2011, Nocturnus Records
“Re:Born” (world re-edition with bonus-tracks) CD & Digital 2011, Total Metal Records/Metalism Records
“Age Of Oblivion” Digi-CD 2012, MSR Productions
“Age Of Oblivion” CD & Digital 2012, Total Metal Records