The official birthday of the band is December 1, 2007. On this day exactly the first rehearsal of LETHARGIA held. At that time four musicians with working experience in different bands brought together:
Vitaly Yavnov – vocals, guitar (ex – MASKA LOKI, TANATOS, AVALON, МЕЖА РЕАЛЬНОСТІ, INVASION);
Aleksandr Kuznetsov – drums (ex – ИМПЕРИЯ);
Vladimir Sirenko – bass (ex – СЕРДЦЕБИЕНИЕ, PRO-ROCK, ADEPT);
Aleksandr Shirinskiy – guitar (ex – ТЕРМИНАЛ, АПОГЕЯ).
The first rehearsal has been very successful. Walls of rehearsal were immediately enveloped by understanding, harmony and friendly atmosphere. Thanks to the last three factors musicians cemented together chain to form a single entity – LETHARGIA.
The third rehearsal was visited by a girl named Kristina Orlova. Future keyboards, before worked with bands TERMINAL and SUICIDE. Keyboards added to the music some doom sound and deepness.
A series of systematic rehearsal followed. New stuff crammed musicians’ souls. Not having enough time to work out a one theme there immediately appeared the next eagerly waiting in the wings. Two months later vocalist and founder of band Vitaly Yavnov decided for himself that it is necessary to choose between singing and playing the guitar. Simultaneous execution of vocal and guitar playing created discomfort and limitations. And as the desire to sing was stronger than the desire to play so the search for the second guitarist has begun.
After several candidates the band opted for a guy named Nikolay Shekel (ex-MIZANTROPIA, МЕЖА РЕАЛЬНОСТІ). Nikolay was noticed by vocalist Vitaly during a friendly visit to the rehearsal of his former band МЕЖА РЕАЛЬНОСТІ and once risked inviting musician to LETHARGIA. Fortunately the negotiations with purposeful and quite ambitious guitarist weren’t long. It is worth noting smoothness and purity of music performance by that person and also faith in the band and dedication to it.
The first demo “Prelude of struggle” was recorded in 2008. It included four tracks: “The hatred and pain”, “Bloody heaven,” “Fighting” and “Vices”. Recording was distributed through the internet as well as self-released product during performances.

…By the twist of fate the keyboardist Kristina Orlova left the band. All persuasions of band’s members to stay and keep constant line-up were met with rejection and neglect by the young girl.
However the search for a new keyboard player did not last long. Even before met Kristina Vitaly Yavnov offered this place to Alesia Shyrobokova and this time she agreed. Keyboard arrangement (written by Alesya) for already finished compositions forced to admit her as original and knowing musician. The band heard their songs in a new light! Most backing parts (before present) were replaced by beautiful and confident passages.
In the two months the whole program made out and composed several new compositions. In this line-up LETHARGIA played a concert with Swedes DRACONIAN in the city of Rivne, took part in the annual Moscow’ Shadow Doom Festival in the company of bands AMBER TEARS, THE MORNINGSIDE and other monsters of Russian Doom Metal scene.
The first full-length album “The burden of human passions” was released in 2010 by the Moscow label Grailight Production. LETHARGIA become the first band released by this label.
Further history of the band has found a sad and funny turn: after the Moscow concert Alesia Shyrobokova was fired. Search for a new musician began. However this time it was not so easy: not all musicians were ready for busy schedule of the band, comprising outreach concerts and big sacrifice of free time and facilities for the music. Great help to the band had given the keyboardist of local band MIZANTROPIA Eva, who “saved” a lot of LETHARGIA’ gigs. Finally the replacement was found – Elena Sheckel (Nikolay Sheckel’s sister). At first, the excitement and inexperience prevented her to join the collective but after a while Lena confidently took the position of LETHARGIA’ keyboardist and thus saved the band from despondency and despair…
In 2011 held the debut of lead guitarist Alexander Shira as sound engineer. EP “Cult of personality” was fully recorded and mixed by him at home.
 But on this mishap with the keys wasn’t over … And a year and half later Lena decided to leave the band.
In 2011 Eugene Kugaevsky joined the band. This year the band takes a click to the track “In the silence’s embrace”. It seems that everything is going smoothly, but band’s “keyboard karma” reclaim it’s rights …
New musician with extensive experience Diana Larionova (ex-INFERNO) joined LETHARGIA.
With her participation was played tour over Ukraine and some single shows. As well she recorded keyboards for most part of the new material and sang at one track.
Fall of 2012 the band signed a contract with a domestic label Metal Scrap Records to release the new album. The second full-length album titled “Divine Madness” was released December 1, 2012, through the efforts of Total Metal Records (a division of Metal Scrap Records).

The creativity of the band influenced by a number of bands such as: ANATHEMA, MY DYING BRIDE, IN FLAMES, BLACK SABBATH, PINK FLOYD, DARK THE SUNS MOONSPELL, KATATONIA and many others.

The idea:
Lyrics are full of pain and joy, frustration and smiles, loneliness and happiness, hate and love. But all the themes call to a fight for the existence of a dream, for the search for the truth and love, for being person, not a stereotype. The world has sunk in a dirt and hypocrisy. Capitalistic values and material ideology rule the people and those who denied them from the young years are enslaved with false ideas of beautiful life, but the LETHARGIA appeared in this world to praise the spiritual values as the only true!

The poetry interlaced with hard but beautiful guitar riffs, drum hurricane united with bass rumble, sad keyboards, which are the background for desperate growl of lonely romantic, turning into clear melancholic vocal or mad scream of the lost soul.

LETHARGIA – is a “golden mean”, state of the human supposedly dead, but at the same time alive, the state between life and death. This word is not only beautiful doom title, but above all ideological. The man is always between two opposites and consists of them. And to quote a famous romantic XVIII century William Blake: “Two opposite beginnings can’t exist without one another and only their co-existence, solemnization leads to authentic spirituality.”

Line up:
Aleksandr Shirinskiy – lead-guitar
Sergei Kovbasa – rhythm/solo guitar
Aleksandr Kuznetsov – drumms
Dmitry Popelnuh – bass
Diana Larionova – keyboards, vocal
Vitaly Yavnov – vocal

“Прелюдия борьбы/Prelude of struggle” Demo 2008, Selfreleased
“Бремя человеческих страстей / The burden of human passions” СD 2010, Grailight Productions
“Культ Личности / Cult of personality” Digital ЕР 2011
“Божественное безумие / Divine Madness” CD & Digital 2012, Total Metal Records