Ukrainian band MAJESTY OF REVIVAL (Progressive/Neoclassic/Power Metal) was formed by Dmitriy Pavlovskiy (POWERSQUAD, IN SUBMARINE, projects GROTESQUE ORCHESTRA and BLOODY TERROR) in 2009. The effect on the sound had such bands as SYMPHONY X, KENZINER, REQUIEM, SILENT VOICES, TIME REQUIEM, SPACE ODYSSEY, MERCYFUL FATE, RHAPSODY, WALTARI, FLOWER KINGS etc.
At that time band consisted of only 3 people. In 2010, after 2 small demos, band left the bassist and drummer. But Dimitriy continued writing material.
At the end of 2010, drummer Vasilij Irzhak joined band, & at the beginning of 2011 keyboardist Grotesk, vocalist Oleksa Dinnik and bassist Trajan Mustyace joined the band. With this line-up in June 2011, band was released a promotional EP “Meaning Of Life”. The EP received a lot of positive feedback and title song Meaning Of Life and Blind include in several compilations like “Metal Doll Compilation”, “Imperative Compilation” & others.

Band also received offers from several labels to release full-length album. In June Dimitriy began recording solo album for his solo-project PowerSquad (full band nowadays). Later this solo album was released by HeartOfSteel/Medival Records, because of what the recording of the debut MOR album has stopped.
Autumn 2011, Oleksa Dinnik left the band. Dmitriy start active searching for new vocal. In October Konstantin Naumenko (SUNRISE) joined the band. In the same month the band starting record full-length album. After that Grotesk left the band. Immediately after the departure of the Grotesk, Marat Adiev (ATLANTIS) joined the band.
In March 2012 debut album “Through Reality” completed. Band immediately deals with the Metal Scrap Records, started negotiations with them at the beginning of the recording. As a result the album released May, 30 by Total Metal Records, a division of Metal Scrap Records.

Konstantin Naumenko – vocal
Dmitriy Pavlovskiy – guitar
Marat Adiev – keyboard
Trajan Mustyace – bass
Vasilij Irzhak – drums

“Meaning Of Life” EP CD’r 2011, Self-released
“Through Reality” CD & Digital 2012, Total Metal Records