The band was formed at the beginning of 2007 by Opel (drums) and Mr. Kuter (bass). Palistaf D. “Bizon” (guitar), “Yaha” (guitar), and Misiek (vox) also join the band. After short time, Misiek and “Yaha” left the band. In short period Klusek join the band as vocalist, and Masa became as a second guitarist.
Having composed a few tracks and played some gigs in 2008, a 5-track demo was recorded. Kuter left the band soon after it. Popek was taken on his place.
After two years of the beginning, D. “Bizon” left the band and his place was taken by Cienio “Mrok”.
In 2008-2011, Shame Yourself actively giving the shows, having played among others with Kat & Roman Kostrzewski, Fronside, Turbo, Christ Agony, Virgin Snatch, Totem and lots more, writing new stuff at the same time.

In 2011, the band has registered other parts for the debut album in the Spaart Studio. Jacek Mlodochowski took care of recording and mastering process.
In 2011-2012 period, the band constantly performing shows, among others twice in Ukraine.
In Spring 2012 Shame Yourself sign a deal with the biggest Ukrainian Metal label – Metal Scrap Records Inc. The debut album, “Wonderfuck”, was released at August 25, 2012 by Total Metal Records, a division of Metal Scrap Records Inc.
In August 2018 EP “Driving Force” was released by Metal Scrap Records.

Klusek – vocal;
Cien – guitar;
Masa – guitar;
Opel – drums;
Popek – bass.

“Driving Force” Digital EP; 2018; Metal Scrap Records;
“Wonderfuck” CD & Digital; 2012; Total Metal Records.