Stormhold was formed in August 1, 2003 in Gomel, Belarus.
Guitarists Alexander “Morte” Sokolov and Dmitry Mikhaylov were engaged in a line up set. Alexander Kozhemyakin (drums) which already 15 years practiced music and managed to play in such bands as Dismal Insanity, Mangled, Eternal War was first accepted to line up. A month later Alexander Chernous (bass) who also managed to play at Mangled and Eternal War joined the band. Vocalist’ place remained open until the end of Autumn. In November 2003 Lesley Knife (Gods Tower, Regent, Chemical Warfare) comes to the band. Line up completed, accumulation of the material begins. Originally style of band’ music was conceived as Speed/Power but considering a specific Lesley’ vocal it was decided to be heavier and music acquired characteristic Thrash Metal sound.
In spring 2004 demo named “2050” record starts. At the same time with work in the studio the band conducts vigorous concert activity in the territory of Belarus. In August 2004 the record of “2050” finished. The material receives good reviews at the press (Terroriser 9/10, Dark City 3/5). Stormhold meanwhile actively continues to concerts.
Begins 2005 and global changes in the band come with it: keyboardist joined the band, vocalist and drummer were replaced, music direction changed. Now Stormhold developing as a Melodic Death Metal band. Autumn 2005 begin with concerts in Minsk, Gomel, Kiev and in the last band performs as headliner. Line up changes go on advantage of the band. Stormhold gets excellent reviews at the press in Belarus and Ukraine and also received an invitation to perform as the opening act of the legendary Rotting Christ in Kiev. Meanwhile a second demo album record begins in the studios of Chernigiv and Kyiv.
March 9, 2006 Stormhold participates in a tribute concert dedicated to the cult Belarusian band Gods Tower. And already in April Stormhold goes on their first tour across Ukraine called Negative Infinity Ulrainian Tour 2006 together with Ukrainian Power-Metallers Witchhunter.

Warm welcome of Ukrainian public as well as good reviews for the band from Ukrainian media provides a good incentive for musicians. But in the summer of 2006 hard times for Stormhold comes.
Drummer, guitarist and co-founder Alexander «Morte» Sokolov and keyboardist consequentially left the band. Over the summer the band find new musicians and begin to compile new material periodically taking a part at various events. In spring 2008 recording of debut album began.
During the period of 2008-2013 for various reasons and conflicts within line up of the band Stormhold is in a state of creative anabiosis.
In spring 2013 within the next change of the line-up band released internet-EP “Eyes In The Eyes” consisting of three tracks. This EP gets positive worldwide reviews. At the same year Stormhold resumes concert activity by playing a series of concerts in Belarus including the famous Heavy Metal music festival Metal Crowd in 2013, and finished the work on the album.
In June 2014 band signed the contract with famous Ukrainian label Metal Scrap Records. The debut full-length album “The Lost World” was released in August 2014 by Total Metal Records, a division of Metal Scrap Records.
During of its existence Stormhold performed with such bands: Rotting Christ, Sybreed, Suidakra, Parricide, Rossomahaar, Kruger, TeDeum, Flying, Mortem, Grenouer, Disentomb, Witchhunter, Mental Demise, Conquest, Grimfaith, Gods Tower, TT-34, Asguard, Veld, Rasta, Holy Blood, Znich, Vein Of Hate, Imprudence, Solntsevorot, Thelema, Infestum, Anal Grind, Kamaedzitca, Posthumous Blasphemer, Vestibulum, Iratus Dominus, Nightside Glance, ect.

Алексей Гасаков – vocal
Дмитрий Михайлов – guitar
Вячеслав Гасаков – guitar
Александр Черноус – bass
Евгений Дарнопых – keyboards
Игорь Ботько – drums

“The Lost World” CD & Digital; 2014; Total Metal Records;
“Eyes In The Eyes” Digital EP; 2013; Self-released;
“Negative Infinity” Demo; 2006;
“2050” Demo; 2004.