1992 - (28th of June) First rehearsal of Mortis Dei band.
1993 - Record and release of “Mortis Dei: Rehearsal Tape'93” (9 tracks tape; about 150 copies sold).
1995 - “The Elements” demo was recorded at Bum Studio, Poland, in summer (8 tracks).
1996 - “The Elements” demo-tape was released.
1997 - (12th-14th of July) Record of “Landscapes” demo at New Project Studio, Poland (5 tracks).
1998 - (February) Release of “Landscapes” demo-tape (more than 500 copies sold).
1999 - (November-December) Record of “Our Time Is Coming...” demo at Carit Art Studio, Poland (5 tracks; has been never released).
2000 - (November) Record of “Wrath Eruption” promo at Pałac Młodzieży Studio, Poland (4 tracks).
2001 - (May) Release of “Wrath Eruption” promo (CDr and split-tape format with previous “Landscapes” demo).

mortis dei band

2002 (November) - 2003 (February) - Record of “Loveful Act Of Creation” debut full-length album at Hertz Studio, Poland (12 tracks).
2004 (December) - 2005 (February, April, July) record of “My Lovely Enemy” full-length album at Hertz Studio, Poland (9 tracks).
2007 (November) – 2008 (March) record of “Last Failure” full-length album at Hertz Studio, Poland (10 tracks).
2011 (November) – 2013 (November) record of “Salvation Never Comes” full-length album at IX Studio, Poland (9 tracks).
2014 (July) – Release of full-length album “Salvation Never Comes” by Metal Scrap Records, Ukraine.

Line up:
Maciej Urbaniak - drums
Mirosław Harenda - guitar
Grzegorz Zaremba - bass
Łukasz Kobusiński - vocal
Bartosz Gawroński - guitar

“Salvation Never Comes” CD & Digital; 2014; Metal Scrap Records;
“Last Failure” Demo-CDr; 2008; self-released;
“My Lovely Enemy” Demo-CDr; 2005; self-released;
“Loveful Act Of Creation” Demo-CDr; 2003; self-released;
“Wrath Eruption” / “Landscapes” Demo-tape; 2001; self-released;
“Wrath Eruption” Promo-CDr; 2001; self-released;
“Our Time Is Coming...” Demo; 1999; not released;
“Landscapes” Demo-tape; 1998; self-released;
“The Elements” Demo-tape; 1996; self-released;
“Mortis Dei: Rehearsal tape'93” Demo-tape; 1993; self-released.



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