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Mriya Zhyttya was formed in 2010, but celebrates the birthday on March, 2011, when the first steps of band’s development and maturity were taken.
Band’s membership changed very often thus it was difficult to work in such conditions. However, persistence and rehearsals have done their part. In 2013 the band took part in international Rock Fest “Slavyanskiy Rock”, where showed their best.
Then a raise in creativity followed, which appeared the recording of the debut full-length album (Mriya Zhyttya also recorded a demo some time ago). The album was officially released by Another Side Records on May, 7 2015.
The band’s style may be described as the symbiosis of Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and Electronic.

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Current line-up:
Andriy Pankevych - vocal
Dmytro Khizhnyak - guitar
Anatoliy Nahornyj - guitar
Mykola Pyvovar - bass-guitar
Ruslan Chop - keyboard
Sergiy Ignatov - drums

“Відчуй / Feel” Digital album; 2015; Another Side Records.



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