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Code Noir founded in 2015 and based in Greece and Sweden. The nucleus of the band is Michael T (vocals, guitars) and Adam Chapman (bass), who brought together by their mutual musical love of Iron Maiden and their collaboration on two Iron Maiden cover-songs, which were released independently in 2014.
After doing these covers, the duo decided to start a band together, and, after a short search, Moth (guitars) and Vaart Pilgrem (drums) added as members. The band immediately focused its efforts on songwriting and working on their own material, forging a style of high-energy guitar-driven heavy Rock with Metal and Punk elements.
From these sessions, six songs were chosen as most representative to be recorded for an EP in late 2016. However, shortly after initial production began, Moth and Vaart Pilgrem left for personal reasons, leaving Michael T and Adam Chapman to complete the recordings. In 2017, the mini-album, entitled “Burn Card”, was released digitally via Metal Scrap Records. Currently, Code Noir are seeking a second guitarist and a drummer to complete the lineup and perform their music live.

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Current line-up:
Michael T - vocals, guitars;
Adam Chapman – bass.

“Burn Card” Digital Mini-LP; 2017; Metal Scrap Records.



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