terroraiser 4 2014Итальянская команда BLACKDAHUA станет открытиям для любителей достаточно тяжелой, но гласным образом вполне романтической музыки. Не сказать чтобы творчество в этих рамках было большой редкостью в мире, однако BLACKDAHUA делают это вполне уверенно и явно заслуживают внимание аудипюрии. Представить группу нам помог гитарист...

Interview was prepared by Thrasnmentor (for Terroraiser 60/2014)


BLACKDAHLIA started as an acoustic duo, but then but sometimes later it transformed into regular band. What were the reasons for this transformation?
Not a particular reason but a chain of events. In the early days just me and Samuela were involved in the project, simply because we didn’t meet the right persons. It’s been a very short period made of a couple of live gigs and a single-track demo recorded. The family grew-up soon and Blackdahlia became what they are right now: a five-piece goth metal band. This is what we like to do, this is what we are.

The music of BLACKDAHLIA include many different elements - from classical stuff to modern metal sound. How would you define BLACKDAHLIA’s sound? What are your main musical influences? What are your roots?
Well, you’re right. One of the most important strength of the band is the eclecticism, the ability to tie together a myriad of different souls in an unique way. I am not very good with tags, but gothic metal could be the right definition to highlight the elegiac spirit of the band enclosed in a powerful body: The balance between the dreamy and evocative Samuela’s voice and the rage burst out by the music. I guess our roots are our influences: listening to Blackdahlia you will get the Samuela’s classical background, the modern metal-oriented guitar approach of Luca and me, the Ludovico’s heavy drumming and the Antonio’s big Stoner hand on the bass. If it’s not enough, you will find strong references to darkwave electro-music and an alternative mood. Our aim is to use the path of the top players, such as Lacuna Coil and Within Temptation, to find new boundaries.

What inspires you most? Do you need a special atmosphere to be creative?
The first element which inspires our music is Life itself. The title of our debut album has a strong evocative meaning, as each song is a fragment, a little but deep view on a page of our life and own experiences, narrated thru the eyes of the memory. In this way life becomes a tale, because it’s transposed in a mental dimension and screened with an elegiac approach.

How would you describe your debut album "Fragments"? What – according to you – are the most unusual musical elements for traditional metal and rock music?
“Fragments” is a mirror on our souls, on our past, on our fears and hopes. It’s an album which deals with life, tracing the most decadent and melancholy contour of our memories.
In my personal opinion what makes “Fragments” an interesting work is the ability in mixing very different aspects, such as electronic and aggressive sounds with strongly lyrical elements.

Can you try to explain the lyrical contents of album "Fragments"? How important is lyrics for you as a band?
First of all, both lyrics and music are essential for our tracks. In fact, Blackdahlia songs are a flow of words and images, and so music and lyrics works together to evoke completely the emotions, memories and icons of our mind.BLACKDAHLIA DREAMS OF VICTORY

Tell me something about the live gigs you did already. With what bands did you play?
We had the chance to perform with some important Italian artists, such Bud Spencer Blues Explosion and Rezophonic (a rock combo featuring artists as Cristina Scabbia, Mario Riso and Pino Scotto): a great experience which helped us to grow up as artists. Moreover during the Italian tour for “Fragments” we shared the stage with a lot very interesting bands: Prime Target (we are so excited to perform with them again in December, in Pescara), The Furies, Raving Season, Heretic’s Dream…I am quite sure to forget someone, but the important aspect is that sharing the stage with kickass bands always help you to find new targets. Live dimension is a very important aspect for us and we prepare our performances in a very accurate way. We usually perform with a sequencer, in order to have the opportunity to keep the symphonic and elegiac mood on the stage mixed up with the rawest soul of the band.

You have shared the stage with great artists. Who has given you the best advice whilst on the road and what was it?
This is a good point. For me the most important advice was from Gianni Colonna, guitar player from Superzoo. At our early days he suggested us to invest all that we could in our music. “If you don’t bet on yourselves, who will do it?” He said. We did it and “Fragments” is the score.

What is a BLACKDAHLIA gig like, do you use any special effects or do you rather concentrate on the music?
No special effect, aside from a sequencer and a smoke maker machine, that we started to use from our first performance. It’s an obsession, our Bass player doesn’t perform if the machine is not on the stage!!! We like to concentrate on the music, which we approach in a theatrical way.

Is will be the chance to see BLACKDAHLIA live in Ukraine? What can we expect from BLACKDAHLIA in the near future?
Live in Ukraine? Maybe yes. We started collaboration with Total Metal Agency with very good results. A tour over there is not a remote chance…we’ll see.
We are working on new stuff and soon an acoustic EP will be released, because we wanna give value to the most introspective side of the band. It will happen in the end of 2014 or in the early 2015. At the same time the works for the “Fragments” successor are in progress. Stay tuned and see you on the road!


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